Assignment on new product business plan

Explain the business plan for a new product that is going to be launched by a company that would be established in the market of Singapore. Executive Summary The study establishes a business plan for a new product that is going to be launched by a company that would be established in the market of Singapore. It is an end to end product that is named as Rotihome. By opportunity analysis, it has been found that there is a high demand for such kind of products.

Assignment on new product business plan

These threats such as incompatibility of partners and changing circumstances if happen would render the joint venture obsolete so that threats need to be avoided by careful preparations. This model including five variables: Competitive rivalry within an industry An industry could be defined as drawing a line between the established competitors and the substitute products offered by competitors outside the industry Porter,p.

So price war would not be prevalent due to the consumption of specialty coffee is insensitive to price fluctuations Larson Bargaining power of customers The bargaining power of the customers also poses significant influence over the business behaviors within the coffee industry.

Such forces usually could be seen in term of forced down prices, demand for higher-quality or more services and pit rival organizations against one another Porterp Threat of new entrants The threat of new entrants comes is quite high due to the low entry barriers in the chain coffee industry.

Because the distribution channels in the chain coffee industry is mostly counting on the retail outlet established by the respective chain company so that entry barriers to the potential new entrants could not set up by controlling the access to the distribution channels. But the high differentiation of products in specialty coffee industry makes it possible to act as barrier to protect its segment market once the brands has been established in the market.

Bargaining power of supplier Take the supply chain of one of the most important ingredient, Arabica beans, as an example, the suppliers of Arabica beans are mostly small and medium sized family owned farms and companies in Latin America, East Africa and Pacific Rim that sell their crops to the processors through local market Lee And the lack of unionization of these farms greatly reduces the collective bargaining power of these suppliers.


Base on the already well set up White Coffee manufacturing center in Malaysia and existing cooperation with the current suppliers, it should be possible for Old Town White Coffee to control such increases in bargaining power from suppliers due to the increasing demand of products during the execution of the foreign market expansion plan.

Threat of substitute products The threat from substitute products to coffee products is very little thanks to the more and more popular coffee culture in the United States. The major substitute product of coffee is soft drinks that contain caffeine produced by Pepsi and Coca-Cola Quelch But even the low prices of such caffeinated soft drinks could not substitute the coffee due to the obvious differences in taste and especially the leisure environment created by the coffee shops is considered as part of the coffee culture that could not be substituted by simply drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Demand analysis Base on chart 4. It could be like this: In term of the number of outlets in the three years strategic planning, chain coffee shops are expected to be established in the major cities of the 10 states that currently the Tim Hortons is operating in.

Sustainable strategic competitive advantage The sustainable strategic competitive advantage of the new joint venture sources from two major fields: The special brew of the Old Town White Coffee and Tim Hortons coffee have been the core product of the respective company that brings sustainable strategic competitive advantage to the company and to the new joint venture company this basic principle will not change.

And for the new company the introduction of authentic Malaysian food would add up this tradition.

assignment on new product business plan

Business strategy In Michael E. Overall cost leadership, Differentiation and Focus strategy. Giving the uniqueness of its products that form the major of the sustainable strategic competitive advantage as analyzed above, it is advisable for the new joint venture company to adopt the second generic strategy: Differentiation strategy is defined as differentiating the product or service offering of the firm, creating something that is perceived industry-wide as being unique Porter For the new joint venture, the differentiation strategy could be achieved along the following dimensions: The differentiation strategy could help the new company to gain above-average return and occupy an advantageous position in standing against the five competitive forces Porter A comprehensive, carefully thought-out business plan is essential to the success of entrepreneurs and corporate managers.

Whether you are starting up a new business, seeking additional capital for. The business development plan is basically designed to establish a new company as an entrepreneur. In this regard, it is required that a detailed business proposal plan .

Assignment Help Samples Business Business Plan Executive Summary People says wait for the right time to start a new business and this line effectively applies to the Joy Coffee and Beans Cafe which is attempting to start a coffee cafe with new idea and concept i.e.

recreational facilities like reading, painting, drawing etc/5(). My business plan for my made up computer business. It was an assignment for the business class I dual enrolled in through my high school.

My teacher didn't teach us how to do it, and I only had three days to do it, but I thought I did alright on it considering/5(9). Marketing Assignment - PGCHRM, XLRI Jamshedpur.

assignment on new product business plan

Marketing Assignment - PGCHRM, XLRI Jamshedpur Business Plan - New Product Launch and VC Funding 1. subsequently expanding its employee base to cater tothe growing business leslutinsduphoenix.comt OverviewWith the help of information gathered from the passenger at the time of booking of a Radio Taxi.

Ques: Prepare a Marketing Plan of Mc café which contains Micro and Macro environmental analysis, Positioning strategy and Buyer behavior affecting the marketing activities of Mc café. Mc Donald’s is a premiere fast food chain in the world.

It will launch a new product in the super markets. Mc /5(14K).

Business Plan for a New Product