Aum shinrikyo terrorist group

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Aum shinrikyo terrorist group

Asahara predicted that Armageddon would occur in In Japanese, kanji are used to write both words that are originally Japanese as well as Sino-xenic words, but they are not usually used to transcribe those which are borrowed directly from exotic foreign languages.

Inthe organization changed its name to "Aleph" a reference to the first letter of the PhoenicianHebrewand Arabic alphabetsand it also replaced its logo.

It was during this period that Asahara became obsessed with Biblical prophecies. In rather rare footage, Asahara is seen on the street in front of a large clown doll resembling himself, smiling happily. This was to be accomplished by practising ancient teachings, accurately translated from original Pali sutras these three were referred to as "threefold salvation".

Initiation rituals, assert the authors of the book, often involved the use of hallucinogenssuch as LSD. Religious practices often involved extremely ascetic practices claimed to be "yoga". These included everything from renunciants being hung upside down to being given shock therapy.

The network then had the interview secretly shown to the group without notifying Sakamoto, intentionally breaking protection of sources.

The group then pressured TBS to cancel the broadcast.

The following month Sakamoto, his wife and his child went missing from their home in Yokohama. The police were unable to resolve the case at the time, although some of his colleagues publicly voiced their suspicions of the group.

It was not until after the Tokyo attack that they were found to have been murdered and their bodies dumped by cult members. The group, authors report, "commonly took patients into its hospitals and then forced them to pay exorbitant medical bills".

An assassination attempt was made on Kobayashi in However, their plan to cause an anthrax epidemic failed. The attack resulted in a large number of complaints about bad odors but no infections. They also attempted to manufacture 1, automatic rifles but only managed to make one. Both sarin and VX were then used in several assassinations and attempts over — With the help of a converted refrigerator truckmembers of the cult released a cloud of sarin which floated near the homes of judges who were overseeing a lawsuit concerning a real-estate dispute which was predicted to go against the cult.

This Matsumoto incident killed eight and harmed more. It was only after the Tokyo subway attack that Aum Shinrikyo was discovered to be behind the Matsumoto sarin attack. Two persons were injured and a year-old man was killed.

He is believed to be the first fully documented victim of VX. Doctors in the hospital suspected at the time he had been poisoned with an organophosphate pesticide. But the cause of death was pinned down only after cult members arrested for the subway attack in Tokyo in March confessed to the killing.

Ethyl methylphosphonate, methylphosphonic acid, and diisopropyl methylthio ethylamine were later found in the body of the victim.

Unlike the cases for sarin Matsumoto incident and Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subwayVX was not used for mass murder. His corpse was destroyed in a microwave -powered incinerator and the remnants disposed of in Lake Kawaguchi.

Aum shinrikyo terrorist group

Tokyo subway sarin attack On the morning of 20 MarchAum members released a binary chemical weaponmost closely chemically similar to sarin, in a coordinated attack on five trains in the Tokyo subway system, killing 13 commuters, seriously injuring 54 and affecting more.12 people were killed and about 5, were injured - some permanently - as a result of this act.

The Japanese government soon raided 25 branches of a previously obscure sect called Aum Shinrikyo, which translates as Aum Supreme sect, which started as a yoga school, focuses on the apocalypse to come - perhaps (as was stated then) as soon as The former leader of Aum Shinrikyo, a doomsday cult that killed 13 people in a sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, has been executed, Japanese media report.

He is the first of 13 people set to be hanged for the attack.

Aum shinrikyo terrorist group

Shoko Asahara, 63, was executed on Friday, Mainichi Shimbun reported. "Wild Wild Country" is earning strong buzz on Netflix, and it's one of several religious cult documentaries you can watch right now. The doomsday cult was responsible for the Tokyo metro attack, which left 13 people dead. Feb 24,  · Introduction The Aum Shinrikyo is a Japanese ‘New Religious Movement Organisation’ but they are also labelled as a terrorist organisation in many countries across the world.

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The group originated in , in Japan. Aum Shinrikyo and Japanese Youth [Daniel A. Metraux] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aum Shinrikyo and Japanese Youth offers insights into Japanese spirituality by analyzing the motivations of those who joined the Aum Shinrikyo religious sect.

This group attracted worldwide attention after its poison gas attack on the Tokyo subways in March.

Aum Shinrikyo: The Japanese cult behind the Tokyo Sarin attack - BBC News