Building global brand

Brand positioning questions and feedback from senior executives set the tone and direction for brand development work over the course of the next two years. This was also the critical time when we established a brand blueprint for growth with integrity to a set of core values.

Building global brand

LG will succeed through fair management practices and constantly develop our business skills. Vision LG's vision is to become the market leading company with broad market recognition. Conduct LG will succeed through the constant development of capability based in ethical management.

Management Philosophy Basic management philosophies that ensure LG will accomplish its business activity goals. Code of Ethics It is the intention of LG, as set forth in the management charter, to spread the management philosophies of "creating value for customers" and "respect based management" allowing for more responsible and open management.

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LG continues to develop as the global leading company through seeking greater public benefits founded in cooperation, mutual trust, and respect for the free market economy.

For this reason all LG employees promise to act uprightly and make value judgments in accordance with the code of ethics. We regard sound and transparent management practices as the foundation to achieving individual success and global competitiveness.

Throughout our global operations, LG Electronics pledges to comply with local laws and regulations, compete fairly, and uphold the highest standards of business conduct.

The LG Electronics Compliance Code of Conduct sets forth clear standards for legal and regulatory compliance all employees should live by in order to realize the principles provided in the LG Code of Ethics.

Download Executives Meet the people that help make LG a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications.LG Electronics is committed to "winning by the rules".

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We regard sound and transparent management practices as the foundation to achieving individual success and global competitiveness. Brand awareness is the degree of consumer awareness of a brand and its related products. Creating brand awareness is one of the key steps in promoting and marketing a product.

Brand awareness is. The World Brand Congress will be the single largest rendezvous of best brains behind some of the world's most successful and sought after brands. At TBS Polycarbonates we’re quick to please.

Building global brand

A well established, family owned company serving industry with plastic sheet and profile for over 20 years. People experience brands across an ever-growing range of touchpoints. The most successful brands are able to align all the moments that really matter to consumers – from communications to product how do you identify those precise moments that have the power to make your brand irresistible, deepen commitment and increase revenue?

Our Brand. Enhancing your life with LG's products comes with great values, benefits, promise and personality.

Building global brand

Innovation for a better life.

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