Caregiver essay

Most of us have been either a youth or an adult caregiver; though they may never have viewed themselves that way until one day, when the light bulb of their past flickers back on. Her sister, Azarra, submitted a poignant essay as part of a homework assignment.

Caregiver essay

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TM Caregiving Essay While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements. Waste no more time! We are an ever-changing society.

We are living longer, more women are working outside the house, more children need care after school, more debilitating illnesses and there are more medical advancements to prolong life. These are exiting news and should be very happy to Caregiver essay living in these times.

But it has its drawbacks. We are an aging society with not enough long-term care facilities to keep up with the growth. Even communities are having difficulty meeting these needs. Caregiving has become a national problem. Therefore informal caregiving comes into play. With many women working, children are coming Caregiver essay to empty houses.

Again care giving is needed. With new debilitating illness and no immediate cures, again caregiving is essential. With the cost of medical care rising, many individuals are remaining at home to receive essential care.

Patient care is going home because hospitals are discharging patients earlier to avoid absorbing costs that were previously covered by insurance plans. According to a recent article in the Nursing Spectrum Magazine the percentage of Medicare patients discharged to home care doubled between todue to the Medicare limitations imposed at that time.

Hospitals are no longer the only places that high-tech care can be delivered to patients. An extensive number of these services are now provided in-patients homes every day.

Although the number of children needing care is also growing, it is the rapidly expanding elderly population that presents the most important challenge" Statistics supporting this were reported in a recent Pharmaceutical Journal as follows: The growth in home health care is a necessary result of the graying of America ;62 million citizens will be over 65 years old by the year Nursing homes now care for 1 million of our elderly and infirm.


I can not imagine a scenario that will call for the construction of enough long term care facilities to care for this rapidly increasing population. Inabout 7. At some time in our life we will probably all experience the roll of caregiver.

The job description varies from cooking meals for a person, to caring for an invalid or terminally ill patients for 24 hours around the clock.

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I think an all inclusive definition of who a caregiver really is, was best stated in Caregiving, a money Management Workbook, A common definition of caregiver is a person who provides unpaid help to another person with one or more every day activities such as dressing, bathing, feeding, toileting and moving from bed to chair or at least two other activities such as grocery shopping, managing finances, housework, meal preparation, transportation or administering medications AARP 5.

Although many care givers are spouses both men and women and some young or single people, according to all reports the "average" caregiver is a woman between years of age. She is usually still employed outside the home commonly has a family of her own to care for.

This is better known as the "Sandwich Generation".

A Day in the Life of a Caregiver - CareGivers

There are about 10 million people in this country that are in need of home care services. Most of these people will receive these services from informal caregivers mostly family and friends.

For the frail and elderly this can mean the difference between independence or going to a nursing home. Being at home in familiar surroundings offers comfort and security. Many suffer from dementia and become disorientated or confused.Essay about Caregivers of Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers of Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease Leila Pouttu, 77, suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and her husband Donald was devoted to caring for her.

A year-old caregiver wrote an essay for school about her father with Parkinson's disease that will amaze and inspire caregivers of all ages. Caregiver Stress Essay Running head: CAREGIVER STRESS Caregiver Stress The United States has a significant and growing crisis with caregiver stress.

There are about million older Americans living in nursing homes, 6 million receiving care at home, and a significant number going without any help at all (International Longevity Center, ). “A Day in the Life of a Caregiver“ brings to life both the rewarding and challenging aspects of caregiving and the relationship between mother and daughter.

Engle powerfully describes the daily frustrations as well as the daily victories of the role, and reflects on what it all means.

Nursing Role as Caregiver (Essay Sample) Instructions: Requirements for Professional Paper leslutinsduphoenix.come an informational professional paper on a professional nursing role.

Caregiver essay

This paper will be written in your own words, using professional journal articles and nursing organization websites as references. IF you find that you are copying word for word. These services include providing necessary information to caregivers about available services; providing assistance to caregivers in gaining access to the necessary caregiving services, promoting individual counseling services, respite care services, facilitating the organization of support groups, effective caregiver training, and other supplemental services (National Family Caregiver Support Program .

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