English for business presentation binus alam

It is 4 years bachelor level programs. The department is divided into three specialization programs i. DKV Animation Program In this specialization, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve the problem relating to creativity, aesthetics visual arts, technology and business model to support the 3D computer graphic.

English for business presentation binus alam

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Have Some Fun Learning English! Imagination As a teacher by training, a great part of my waking hours is spent seeking out ways, methods and techniques to motivate my students to learn English. Before you read on, let me first qualify that by saying that I have had the privilege to tutor and teach students who excel in the language as well as those whose only opportunity to use English is when they are in my class.

As for the less English savvy students, the tough part is always convincing them that they already know more English than they imagine and the sooner they start using the language, the easier it will be for them to master it.

english for business presentation binus alam

Decades later, his lyrics continue to influence and inspire me and the way I teach. I tap on their power of imagination to get them in gear.

If you are on the verge of tearing your hair out in getting your students to speak in English, try getting them to imagine other people wanting to speak English as well as they do. Imagine the possibility of talking to people from all over the world in ONE language — English.

Developing Your English If you feel that your English is weak and you are reading this article for some guidance, you should remember that you are already making headway. If you are already proficient in the language and you are reading this, you should never think that your English is perfect.

Even if you are the best student in your class, always try to find your weak areas and work on them. Right now, your problems are probably more generic, such as mistakes in pronunciation, vocabulary as well as grammar problems with the present perfect tense and conditional structures.

The most effective way to boost your motivation is to use English as often as you can. Using English is fun. It is simply very enjoyable to use your English to read a good book, understand a song, watch an interesting movie, get an answer to a computer problem, exchange emails with a native speaker, etc.

The more you use English, the more you will want to use it.

english for business presentation binus alam

Using English is learning English. When you are reading an interesting article or watching an exciting movie, you are using your English, but you are also learning new words and phrases. Using English can also improve your general attitude to English and increase your motivation to study English in other ways.

For example, if you see that your knowledge of English pronunciation helps you understand a movie or speak more clearly, you will be motivated to improve your pronunciation even more. Talk to people about English is a very simple but effective method of motivating yourself to learn English.

But the opposite is true, too. If you start talking about a boring subject, you will begin to get interested in it. Imagine you are studying a subject that you hate.

You are bored and tired, but you have to pass the test tomorrow. If there are people near you, you have two options: If you choose the first option, you will only feel worse. Suddenly it will become a subject worth talking about — therefore, an interesting subject.

How can you begin such a conversation? Find a friend who is learning English and is on a similar level of skill. You should meet your friend regularly. This also means you should spend some time and money on learning English. If you spend your money on something, you will want to use it.

For example, if you buy an expensive badminton racquet, you will probably go out and play badminton as often as you can.

This is also true for learning English.


If you want to increase your desire to learn English, buy an interesting English language book, or join an English language centre. But most importantly, whatever the technique or method, you must remember that like fencing or any hobby of yours, practice makes perfect.ET The Training and Meet Up.

Language Center held the "English Tutor Training and Meet Up" on Thursday - Friday, September 13th - 14th, at M2CD Room, Syahdan Kampus, Wes. BINUS Education Select Program BINUS International School BINUS University BINUS Online Learning BINUS Business School BINUS Center International Office Teach For Indonesia Kalbis Institute Say Hi .

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BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL MM-Business Management for Young Professionals is designed for fresh-graduates or those having little work experience.

The program is designed to help its graduates to become more competitive and effective in the new era of e-business in Indonesia and Asia-Pacific. Home; English Global; English Global. English Global is for upper intermediate students with a TOEFL PBT score range of – (TOEFL iBT: 70 – 79) to achieve a minimum TOEFL iBT score of 75 (TOEFL PBT: ) or between upper-intermediate and lower-advanced level.

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or. Programs are mainly delivered in English with experienced Japanese and Indonesian faculty. Students are given opportunities for gaining experience and applying knowledge abroad through a summer course in Japan and an internship in Japanese or multinational industries.

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