Many shades of love

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Many shades of love

Casophia What if Ana had left Christian, after that hurtful scene in the playroom involving a belt, and had decided to just give up on him for good? Would that be the end of their earth shattering love story or would it bring up emotions that were, until that moment, unknown to both of them?

Fiction M - English - Anastasia S. I own nothing other than my creative license to bend this story how i see fit! I have a completely different story in mind and if you bear with me i will prove it! And to start showing it off, here is chapter 4, enjoy ; "Love is great, love is fine, Out the box, outta line, The affliction of the feeling, leaves me wanting more.

Cause i maybe bad, but i'm perfectly good at it. Sex in the air, i don't care, I love the smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and wipes excite me" Oh shit! This song is so fifty i don't even need to explain why And for a second i have to agree with my inner goddess, i do like it rough, except for the wiping part!

I haven't seen you dance like this since your freshman year! Tall, green eyes, tanned and very handsome i might add. That's why he was one of my smaller crushes from that time of my life.

He was one of the seniors hazing us and he was always super nice, not just to girls, so i immediately liked him. But he was older and he had a girlfriend so i didn't follow through with that.

Many shades of love

But now here he was, single, looking better than ever and he remembered me. Way to go Ana! I feel great tonight! This is just what i needed!

We were in a little bar called "The spot", it was nice, not very crowded and we could claim the dance floor to ourselves because everyone there was just a little over 30 and just wanting to drink something and go home. What do you want Ana? Damn, i should have eaten something at home!

I'm such a light weight! Oh oh, i know someone who wouldn't appreciate me doing this but seems like he got my message and is giving me my privacy.

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How very not fifty of him, i'm impressed. No thinking about him tonight, focus on dancing, drinking and mingling! Yes, i'll do that! And just so you know, i can see that you're already a little drunk so that's your last drink ok Ana?

But hey, he's right, i am already drunk and the last thing i need is to throw up again in front of everyone or spend tomorrow with a hangover the size of Texas. Yeah you're right, i'm a little tipsy, but i'm ok! Let's just go dance! Someone grabs my arm, circles my waist and holds me tight against their chest.

I look up and there he is, my saviour, looking all knight in shiny armour.Nail Lacquer. You'll never go wrong with our signature nail lacquers. Discover our iconic shades or check out our trendy new collections. Find out more about Nail Lacquer. "Big Four" Highlights The Many ‘Shades’ of Christian Love.

A Catholic primer for St. Valentine’s Day.

True love has many shades Chapter 4, a fifty shades trilogy fanfic | FanFiction

By Brian Caulfield, FFG Editor. You’ve probably heard the “love Scripture” sometime in your life, and may even have had the reading at your wedding. of over 10, results for "shades of love" Click Try in your search results to watch thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost with an Amazon Prime membership.

Rosamunde Pilcher's Shades of Love Season 1 CC.


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Many shades of love

Ships free! I’ve come across quite a few people lately who are in the midst of making big decisions. Issues around career, family, moving, etc., seem to consume many conversations.

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