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Once upon a time, it was famous with Indians for garment shopping. Odel was a must-visit destination that had to be a part of the Sri Lanka itinerary. However, during my two visits to the island of Sri Lanka, I discovered so many Souvenirs that you can pick up in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Souvenirs come in all price ranges to suit all kinds of budgets.

Odel sri lanka

Elephant House sausages, not ice cream Seafood Shack Cafe Nihonbashi Sugar Bistro Mabroc wasn't open as yet when we dropped in, and there were a few bare carts at the entrance. I'm not entirely sure if that's ornamental, or if they'll be vendoring food soon. The place is very well kept, and the staff clears out the tables quite fast.

One thing I found a bit awkward was that they clear out your table while you're still seated and haven't completely finished. We checked out Regent and Seafood Shack. The prices are a bit on the high end — just as expensive as if you're getting food at a proper restaurant.

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Regent's food layout looked great: Despite being aesthetically pleasing, the food was sadly underwhelming. A generous portion beautifuly presented and inclusive of a really nice vambatu mojua regular rice and curry portion is Rs.

The fries were chunky, crispy, and tossed in chilli. A really well made dish, the fish wasn't disappointing either; it was coated in a crisp light batter, and the fish in itself was light and succulent.

Odel sri lanka

My one complaint would be that for Rs. We got a Narang and Starfruit juice Rs.

Odel sri lanka

The drinks were good actually, much better than most of Roots' other outlets. The Naarang and Starfruit was slightly rightfully acidic and very refreshing. The flavours melded well together and it's a great way to beat the heat.

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A plus point is that none of Roots' juices are overpowered by sugar.raveendra Added 5 years ago Udari Mahama Deyak Kalath Mawage Dewal Karanna Watinna Oyath danna ML Illala naduwak ODEL Kiyanna SRI LANKA POLICYA Namena MEWATA HAri kiyana Eunge Paulwala META WADA Kamba HORU Athi.

Odel is a premier fashion & lifestyle store in Sri Lanka, Odel has benchmarked the retail world in the region with its world-class unique shopping experience. Disclaimer This Advertisement is a paid advertisement and anyone relying on the information contained in this advertisement does so at his or her own risk.

Odel A high-profile department store that combines international and local brands in one glitzy labyrinth. From fashions to homewares to cosmetics and gift items, Odel’s selection is tops. ODEL. Housing the latest and most fashionable trends in the country, ODEL is the premier shopping destination when it comes to clothes.

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