Womens powerlifting meet results

These awards were nominated and voted on by the APF Illinois Executive Committee, based on the lifters' performance in the pervious year i. Male Lifter of the Year:

Womens powerlifting meet results

This class is sociable and popular and normally attracts over 20 participants. There is no class limit as we like to have two or even three coaches in attendance.

The class is suitable for all runners from beginner to elite.

Thank you!

Tuesdays at pm at optimalFITNESS A fusion of two classic aerobic routines, this class combines step choreography and a variety of strength training equipment to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to boosting your heart rate and working your muscles.

This whole body longevity fitness system blends innovative sequences from classical yoga, calisthenics, body therapy and self-massage. Come strengthen, lengthen and learn how to live better in your body!

The session includes not only aerobics but also floor work and effective exercises including squats and lunges. It gets results because it creates a Metabolic Disturbance.

Womens powerlifting meet results

Increases your Resting Metabolic Rate. We wrap-up with a focus on core strength training followed by a deep stretch. A high energy indoor group cycling class set to great music.

It is fast and energetic and will enable you to achieve your cardio goals. An excellent preventative technique to strengthen and stabilise your core muscles, protecting the body against potential injury. Circuit training in its pure form where exercises are performed one after another with little to no rest in between.

There is plenty of cardio too!!

Using Split time

Each exercise is performed for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest then repeated for 8 rounds, before moving onto the next exercise. Scientifically proven to burn more fat and increase both muscular and cardiovascular strength.

Incorporating a wide variety of equipment and training styles including cardiovascular, muscular strength and endurance. This class provides an extremely effective way to burn fat and improve fitness levels.


This is a full body strength and conditioning workout. This workout targets the entire body in a series of challenging strength based circuits. This class helps to build a stronger foundation to become stronger and fitter for everyday functional training.

A coached hour of technical cycling on the famed Al Qudra Cycle Track. Participants will be treated to a feast of best practice tips and tricks to help them become faster, more efficient, safer cyclists. This class has been running successfully for more than a year and is very popular as everyone who comes will improve.

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