Writing a note giving instructions esl

Writing with the Common Core: Teachers note that the pace at which ELLs develop writing proficiency has an impact on how soon students are able to exit language development programs in their schools. In the next few posts, I'll turn my attention to the new writing demands presented in the CCSS and look at how the standards will impact writing for ELLs.

Writing a note giving instructions esl

Very rarely can a person travel on a straight path from one point to another, so it is important for ESL students to learn how to give directions. In this activity your students will gain the tools they need to successfully direct someone from point A to point B and maybe enjoy the scenery along the way.

Most international students take special pride when talking about their home countries. Ask your students to suggest some points of interest to a visitor to their home countries. Make sure your students know the grammatical structure for giving advice.

Encourage your students to give whatever details they can about the locations. To further the idea of visiting a new place, provide some travel brochures for your students to look at. You can find these types of brochures at rest stops along the highway or at visitor centers for cities.

Give your students time to look through the brochures and think about what they would say about one point of interest in their country. Have your students make some notes on information they would give to visitors using the brochures as an example.

writing a note giving instructions esl

Once your students are thinking about interesting places to visit, start a conversation about the different modes of travel. As a class, brainstorm as many different modes of travel as possible. Note that this activity will likely leave your students in need of specific vocabulary, so you may want to allow dictionaries during the discussion.

Make the list as detailed as possible.

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Do not forget less popular modes of travel including burrow, submarine, roller skates, dune buggy and any others you can think of. To elicit these travel modes from your students, you may want to mention settings in which those types of travel would be most appropriate, the Grand Canyon for example.

After you have exhausted your list, pair your students and have each person tell the other what means of transportation he would use to get to that point of interest in his home country.

writing a note giving instructions esl

Encourage your students that a one-word answer is not enough. Before you take the plane overseas, what mode would you use to get to the airport? After the plane landed what mode of transportation would you use?

Finally, have your students give specific directions from your classroom to their place of residence. Before starting the directions, compile a list of vocabulary words that are necessary when giving directions. Include right, left, go straight, turn and stop.

Then have each student write out very detailed and specific directions how to get from your classroom to the place that he lives. Turn right and walk around the desks to the classroom door.

If a student has questions or is unclear about the directions, the writer should clarify or revise his directions. As a final project, have each student write directions from your classroom to the school librarycafeteria or other location nearby.

Again, have your students write the directions, but this time they should not write the final destination on the paper. Take some time and allow each student to follow the directions on the paper exactly.Hawken, ), teachers report frequently giving writing assignments that require little analysis, interpretation, or actual composing (e.g., abbreviated responses, worksheets) and devote less than 3 hrs per marking period to instruction related to writing strategies (and even less time to other.

TRUE Writing skills do affect a student’s ability to communicate the correct “fac- tual” information through an essay response. Consequently, students with good. Students review language and useful expressions for giving and following step-by-step instructions and describing a process.

They also review imperative verbs and adverbs of manner.

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For extended learning, there is also an optional introduction to modals of advice and necessity (should). a) at the beginning of the course, give the instructions in the L1, and then repeat them immediately, as simply as possible, in English.

b) later on reverse the order: give the instructions in English . Receivers get an activity B sheet, a will-be-back note and a name tag. Receivers sit facing the wall and callers sit behind the receivers as in the picture to the right.

Receivers sit facing the wall and callers sit behind the receivers as in the picture to the right. At the Writing Center, we work one-on-one with thousands of student writers and find that giving them targeted writing tasks or exercises encourages them to .

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